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Verdeca, a Bioceres and Arcadia Biosciences joint venture, develops and deregulates soybean varieties with next-generation agricultural technologies. Working in partnership with South American growers, Verdeca technologies will help increase crop productivity, making more efficient and sustainable use of land and water.

We integrate the technologies and capabilities of Arcadia and Bioceres into a world-class agricultural trait pipeline. Arcadia´s global regulatory capabilities and Bioceres´ South American market access platform are two key elements committed to the initiative. Because Bioceres is owned by leading South American soybean growers, we have the distinction of being a soybean technology company that is co-owned by growers.

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Bioceres is focused on the creation, management and funding of companies and projects related to the development of new agricultural technologies and products. The company is owned by more than 230 of the largest soybean growers in South America. Bioceres is a major shareholder of the Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology of Rosario (INDEAR) and Bioceres Semillas.
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Arcadia Biosciences develops technologies and products that benefit the environment and enhance human health. The company commercializes products from these technologies through channels that will deliver the most value to consumers, producers, our partners and its shareholders. Over the past nine years, Arcadia has entered into development and commercialization agreements in multiple crops, using multiple technologies, and on every continent.

We are focused on deploying our traits in all key world regions, beginning in South America and North America, which make up close to 80 percent of the global soybean hectares, and expanding globally to include China, the world’s largest importer of soybean products, India, and other countries. For this, Bioceres and Arcadia intend to invest significantly in the further development and regulatory approval of Verdeca’s initial technologies and in its robust pipeline of other agronomic and quality traits. The first products from our technology platform are anticipated to reach the market in 2019.