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Technology Portfolio

To address global needs and regional opportunities, we are initially focusing on the development of traits that increase soybean adaptability and yields. Grown on 99 million hectares, soybeans are the fourth-largest global crop and demand continues to increase annually. Nearly 40 percent of the world’s soybeans are grown in Argentina and Brazil and have a production value of over $50 billion USD.

Increasing global population, combined with a growing middle-class in countries like China and India, is creating a non-linear demand for dietary protein. Soybeans play an important role in the protein equation through their many feed and food uses. Our technologies focus on helping soybean growers produce more and higher-quality food per hectare while helping to preserve available natural resources.

The initial focus will be on drought-tolerance technology developed by Bioceres and demonstrated already in soybeans, and on nutrient-efficiency technology developed and demonstrated by Arcadia which increases crop yield. Our technology pipeline includes additional yield and crop-adaptability technologies to provide a full package of agronomic options, as well as product-quality technologies that will further increase the value of the soybean crop.

Drought-Tolerant Soybeans

Like all crops, water is one of the three critical elements of crop productivity. Our drought-tolerance technologies enable soybeans to more efficiently use available water resources. These technologies provide growers with protection against uncertain and volatile weather conditions, and offer a measurable increase in yield in ideal water conditions.

Our initial drought-tolerance technologies have already demonstrated a significant yield increase in six soybean field trials. We expect these initial varieties to be commercially available in 2019.